Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Coastal Scents Go Palette | London

If you know anything about Coastal Scents, you'll know they're most famous for their 88 eyeshadow palettes. Awhile back, I saw these 12-shadow Go Palettes on their website and loved how they looked. The palettes feature shimmery and matte shades, which is always a nice for us matte fans! Each Palette is inspired by a famous city and retails for only $8.95. Today I have London to share with you.

The pigmentation, as with all Coastal Scents shadow, is great. I find the eye shadow to be a bit stiff, not buttery like Urban Decay or theBalm. The shimmery shades, as always, are a little better quality than the matte shades. All in all, I actually like this palette a lot. The mattes are gorgeous for a natural eye look and the blue & purple hues are gorgeous for a night out. You can easily do a bright, natural, or smokey look with this palette. Though I don't think these are the best eyeshadows I've ever tried, they work and the price is just stellar. Note: The shadows are swatched by rows, so the first image below is for the first row of eyeshadows, etc.

Have you tried Coastal Scents, yet? If so, is there anything from them I should try out?

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  1. I am loving the eyeshadows in this palette! The pigmentation is pretty nice, and the colors are perfect for the fall!


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