Monday, August 20, 2012

e.l.f. Studio Blushes: Review + Swatches

If any of you have head of e.l.f. before, then you probably know they're a huge sensation. From beauty gurus to your average consumer, I've heard practically everyone talk about e.l.f. Though they're a hit or miss company for me, I adore their studio blushes. For only $3 each, they won't break the bank either.

From left to right: Pink Passion, Mellow Mauve, Candid Coral, and Gotta Glow.

Though these blushes can be a tad chalky (specifically the highlight shade Gotta Glow), they're more than worth the $3 price tag. They're quite pigmented and there is a good variety of shades (from brights like Pink Passion to muted shades like Candid Coral). I also love the sleek, NARS-inspired packaging.

Have any of you tried the studio blushes? What are some of your other favorite e.l.f. products?


  1. I have never tried elf studio blushes but I have heard good things about them! I like the look of candid coral and mellow mauve! :) x

  2. Hey girl, i got 7 of them and love every single one!! I got reviews and swatches on my blog as well :)
    I found you on the bloghop :)
    The Amazing World Of J

  3. i love ELF blushes! i have most of them! they are soo pretty and have great pigmentation and affordable too. i love gotta glow as a highlight shade and when blended it looks phenomenal! :)

    love your blog, i found you on the blog hop
    BreezeyBee Blog

    1. They blend like a dream! So great and affordable.

  4. Love the look of mellow mauve - so pretty! Still havent tried these, can you believe it?

    Found you through the blog hop

  5. Great post, definitely need to check out the elf blushes they look amazing!

    Found you through BBloggers Unite Blog Hop, I'm following you :)

    1. Definitely pick some up if you get the chance!

  6. Great post! Gotta find those at Target!
    -Jen <3
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  7. I am dying to try these! I keep forgetting to order one every time I order from Elf! :) Lovely post.

    I found you on the BBU blog hop :)


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