Monday, March 19, 2012

Wet 'n Wild 'Comfort Zone' Palette

Wet n' Wild has quickly become a favorite brand for me. As far as drugstore brands go, they are neck and neck with Revlon for me. Their Color Icon eyeshadows are stunning and I finally caved and picked up the Comfort Zone palette.

 For $5, this palette is an absolute steal. My mother (along with 1/2 of the beauty bloggers and youtubers out there) has had this palette for a little while now and every time I'm rifling through her makeup (which is often... I'm nosy, what can I say?) I swatch these shadows and fall in love. Honestly, Wet 'n Wild are comparable to Urban Decay and I recommend that you all pick this up, if you can get your hands on it!

The pigmentation of each shadow is gorgeous and they are SO smooth and buttery. Literally the only shadow of the bunch that I didn't find absolutely wonderful was the cream-colored Browbone shade on the upper left-hand corner of the palette. It was just slightly chalky and a little less buttery than the rest.

Out of the eight shadows, my absolutely favorite is the bottom, right-hand corner Definer. It's such a unique color to find in general, but to find something like this at a drugstore is astounding, really. It's a creamy blend of a metallic slate blue and a brownish red. It's the very definition of duo-chrome and it likes absolutely fantastic in every light. It's not the most wearable color in the world, but it is wearable if you pair it with the right shadows. I love it!

Have any of you tried Wet 'n Wild Color Icon eyeshadows? Better yet, have any of you all tried this palette? I'm thinking of going back to CVS and picking up a second palette to giveaway to you all. Anyone interested in this as a giveaway?


  1. Oh I love this it looks amazing, xxx


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