Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cotton Candy Crackle Nails!

I know I'm late jumping on the crackle and shatter bandwagon, but I had honestly never been interested in the stuff until just recently. My favorite nail polishes to wear are cream formula pastels with the occasionally glitter tossed in. However, I decided to finally give crackles a shot.

They're a little messy. (I was in a rush and terribly tired, okay?) But I actually quite like this color combination. It doesn't beat out solid, cream pastels for me, but the combination kind of reminds me of sweet, innocent cotton candy (Can cotton candy be described as innocent?).

I used Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear nail polish in Bubblegum Pink (what a mouthful!) and one of China Glaze's Crackle Glaze nail polishes in Crushed Candy. I can't help but look at my nails and have my mouth watering for some Cotton Candy

Do you guys have a favorite crackle color and base polish combination? Let me know! Crackles and shatters may have finally found a tiny place in my nail polish collection.


  1. I love the bottom pink color! How much was the china glaze crackle? i've never seen it before
    XX taylor

    1. All the China Glaze crackle glaze polishes are $3 each on Ulta, but I think they sold out of that color. Might be in Ulta stores though!


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