Friday, March 23, 2012

Rimmel Glam Eyes Quad

I haven't tried many Rimmel products. Not because I don't like Rimmel, just because I don't find myself gravitating toward the brand. The packaging is kind of drab and I don't hear loads about them, so I typically stay away unless I've heard a lot about the product. However, I saw these Rimmel Glam Eyes quads on sale for only $1.50 at Target the other day, so I figured I'd give them a try.

I picked up Dark Signature (the purple toned quad on the left) and Thrill Seeker (on the right). At first glance, I was really drawn to the different shades of purple in the Dark Signature quad and strangely, I have been looking for mustard yellow shade, which is in the Thrill Seeker quad.

I really was not at all impressed with this quad. The colors applied unevenly and the white and super-pale lilac were quite chalky. They were moderately smooth and the two darker colors were okay, but not great. I  wouldn't recommend this quad and I will probably get rare use out of it.

This found the colors in this Thrill Seeker quad to be of significantly better quality. They weren't amazing or anything, but they were much more pigmented and less chalky. However, darker colors always tend to be more pigmented, don't they? The mustard yellow was probably the worst of the colors, but it was still good.

If you see these quads in stores on sale, I'd skip the lighter colored quads and stick with the darker colors. The darker colors are worth the money (though they are definitely NOT the best drugstore eyeshadows out there), but the lighter colors just aren't worth it. I'm sure they'll apply and look better with primer, but I prefer pairing great quality eyeshadows with my primer.

Have you all tried any of these quads? Have you tried any other Rimmel products that I should pick up? I do have a couple Rimmel blushes that I quite like.

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