Monday, March 5, 2012

Mini MAC Paint Pot Haul!

 I stopped by a CCO (discount makeup store) yesterday and I picked up two MAC paint pots, both coincidentally from the Posh Paradise collection (released last fall). For $11.75 a pop, rather than the MAC store price of $17.50, I caved and picked up Nubile and Treasure Hunt.

I've been eyeing both of these since they were released, but I wasn't able to get my hands on them when they were in MAC stores. Angels started singing Hallelujah when I found these gems buried in the back of the rows of paint pots. They were each the last in stock of their shades!

Nubile is very similar to Painterly, but a little peachier and not completely matte (though it's really not very shimmery... perhaps a smidgen frosty). Treasure Hunt is a light gold, very yellow but not bright.

Treasure Hunt could easily be used as a shadow by itself, or as a shimmery, pale gold base for other eye shadows. It's one of those colors that I can pair with a lot of shadows I have, making it worth the price and easily usable. Nubile can also be used by itself as a really natural color on the lid, or as a flesh-toned base for pretty much any shadow.

Have any of you all been to a CCO? Better yet, what do you guys think of MAC Paint Pots? I'm a big fan!

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