Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sleek Makeup: Review + Swatches, Part 1!

A few weeks ago, I placed a long-awaited order with UK-based company Sleek Makeup. I'd been wanting to try out their products for awhile and I was thrilled when the package arrived. If you haven't already seen my most recent makeup haul, then these products will be a surprise for you! For this post, I'm going to focus on the two eyeshadow palettes, but keep in mind that I will talk about the other three products I purchased in an upcoming post.

First, I picked up the Sleek i-Divine Bad Girl palette. It's perfect for a smokey eye and the colors are gorgeously pigmented. The entire palette is cool-toned and mostly shimmer. There is a dark, matte gray and matte purple in the palette, as well. If you're on the hunt for an inexpensive, high-quality palette for nighttime looks and smokey days, then I'd definitely give this one a try.

 The other palette I snagged was the Sleek i-Divine Original palette. This palette features 11 shimmery shadows and a matte black. This palette is probably my favorite of the two palettes, because there's such a variety of colors. There are some really bright, almost tropical looking colors (purple, turquoise, green, and a yellow), along with some more subdued natural colors. The matte black in this palette is a little less opaque than the other colors and needs to be layered a bit to create that complete matte, black look. The other shadows, however, are practically flawless. The nice thing about this palette is that it can be used to create a ton of different looks.

Overall, I absolutely adore these Sleek palettes. They feature some beautiful colors and the pigmentation is wonderful. They're super smooth and the actual packaging is really compact and clean. Best of all, they're only $10 a pop!

Have you all tried any of the Sleek products, specifically the eyeshadow palettes? What do you think of them? Also, keep a look out for my upcoming review & swatches of the blushes, lipstick, and contour kit from Sleek.


  1. I adore Sleek palettes too, I also find that they hold out on creasing very well :)

    Amy xx

    1. I wore some of the shadows from The Original palette last night and they were fab!!


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