Saturday, July 21, 2012

Review: June Glossybox USA!

When I initially heard that Glossybox was coming to the US, I was ecstatic! In case you missed it, I did a video review on the May Glossybox. Now, I know it's already July and I'm a little late posting this, but I wanted to give my two cents on the program. For the record, I did receive it at the beginning of July, not in June. Glossybox is another one of those monthly beauty subscriptions. It's $21 a month, so it's more than some of the other services, like Birchbox, which is only $10 a month.

This month, my box boasted 6 products, all dedicated to summer beauty. Off the bat, I want to say that I'm not entirely pleased with Glossybox. I think that there are decent-sized products and some good products in these boxes, but spending $21 a month ($252 a year) is a little steep. 

1. Wella Professionals Enrich Moisturizing Treatment (Full Size- $12, Sample Size- $1.99)
  • This smells like your typical, citrus hair cream. I love the citrusy smell this gave my hair (perfect for summer) and it definitely moisturized. This product does what it's supposed to and I really like it for that! My hair is definitely on the drier end of the spectrum, so this was an ideal product for me. I wish the sample size was a little larger, just so I could get a better feel of the product, but I think I might end up purchasing the full-size anyway!
2. Shea Terra Organics Ultimate Moisturizing Body Creme (Full Size- $18, Sample Size- $2)
  • First off, I'm not a huge fan of the smell of this. It says that it's a lavender-scented shea butter and typically I'm a lavender lover, but something about this scent is a kind of off-putting, though not intolerable. Aside from the smell, I actually found this product to be oddly drying. I won't be using this.
3. First Aid Beauty Smooth Shave Cream (Full Size- $16.50, Sample Size- $4.85)
  • I adore this! I would like to note that it's a larger-sized sample than the previous two products and instead of being a kind of mousse/foam texture like most shaving creams, it's an actual cream! The full size price of this product is a lot more than what I want to spend on a shaving cream, but it's great. Because it's a cream, it does't lather a lot (so it's not so irritating on skin) and leaves skin more moisturized than your typical shaving cream.

4. beautyADDICTS Show-OFF Mascara (Full Size- $20)
  • This product is full-sized, which is awesome! Opening up a sample box and seeing something full-sized is always a really nice surprise. I've never heard of this brand before, but I actually really like the mascara. In general, I'm a sucker for mascaras. I've got about 25-30 of them (excessive, I know), but I always love finding new ones! I'd say this does a good job at lengthening and volumizing. It's not a holy grail product for me, but it really is great! I definitely want to look into trying out some of their other products, because I'm loving this one.

5. Kinerase Restructure Firming Cream (Full Size- $98, Sample Size $13.84)
  • This is a fairly small-sized sample, but it's a hugely expensive product, so the small size is understandable. I've only used this twice and I haven't really noticed much in those two uses, but it does have a perfectly creamy, yet firm texture and it seems to moisturize nicely (though I don't think it was created to moisturize). It also kind of fills in fine lines on the face, which is nice. The smell is a little funny, but nothing too awful. I like what it did, but I'm not sure it's worth the almost $100 price tag.

BONUS: A Perfume Organic Urban Organic (Full Size- $65, Sample Size- Unknown)
  • This is described as a sweet, citrus daytime scent. I thought that this actually smelled putrid and I despised the scent. Even thinking about the smell makes me cringe a little.
Monetary total of my June Glossybox: $42.68

Technically, the box was well worth the $21 price tag. However, I'm not a fan of enough of the products for me to be totally satisfied this month. Can't win 'em all, I suppose. I'm hoping for some products that I like more in July's Glossybox!

Do any of you all have any experience with Glossybox, specifically Glossybox US? I've checked out some of the other Glossyboxes (UK and Canada) and I have to say I'm a little jealous of the products they're getting.

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