Friday, February 24, 2012

Wet 'n Wild 'Silent Treatment' Color Icon Trio

In the past few years, Wet 'n Wild has totally revamped their products and they have become one of my personal favorite drugstore brands. Not to mention their products are still far cheaper than many of their competitors and their quality, especially for the price, is amazing. What more could you ask for?

Wet 'n Wild's Color Icon line has made a huge splash in the beauty community, especially their Color Icon Trios! For only $3, you can snag a trio of highly-pigmented shadows designed to complement one another. The one pictured above is in the shade 'Silent Treatment' and is the perfect trio for creating a classic smokey eye.

Do you all see that pigmentation? It's fabulous, especially for something so inexpensive! The color on the left (browbone) is a slightly shimmery, cream-colored shadow, the middle color (crease) is a black with very sparse, silver glitter, and the color on the right (eyelid) is your classic, high-pigment silver.

 'Silent Treatment'- Eyelid, Crease, Browbone

I only have two little issues with these products. First, it would be incredibly helpful if each individual eye shadow has a shade name, so they'd be easier to address in blog posts and youtube videos, but that has absolutely nothing to do with the actual products and will not be an issue for the average, non-blogging user. Second, I have found that the browbone shades (like a lot of lighter-colored shadows) can appear a little chalky, though nothing so bad that it decreases the quality of the Trio as a whole. I've found that in most of these Trios that I've tried, the browbone is the least smooth (though still nice), the crease color is a little smoother than the browbone shade, and the crease color is incredibly smooth and buttery (similar, though not exactly the same as Urban Decay).

Have any of you tried these trios? If so, which Trios do you think I should pick up and which should I avoid? Also, I have about 5 more of these Trios... would you all like to see swatches of them, as well?

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  1. hwoah! that is pigmented! :P check out my review on On Cloud Ninew, Walking On Eggshells and Don't Steal My Thunder here:


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