Saturday, February 25, 2012


A couple months ago in my local Hot Topic I was browsing around, trying to find a gift for my friend. There was a huge display of WARPAINT perfumes on sale for 1/2 off and being a sucker for deals, I moseyed over to the perfumes to take a whiff and was pleasantly surprised!

I'd never heard of the brand, though after further investigation I found out they were a cosmetics company sold exclusively at Hot Topic, known for super saturated makeup. I picked up two of the scents they had and I fell totally in love. They're an amazing value and the scents are rather unique.

WARPAINT BEAUTY Perfume in 'Indie'

I can tell you now that I am horrible at describing scents, so I'll leave you the company's description: For the unrestrained, bold and audacious. A mouth-watering assortment of sweet creams and hypnotic vanilla.
Top notes: Vanilla Cream Soda & Whipped Cream
Middle notes: Creme Fraiche & Sweet Butter
Bottom Notes: Light Puff Pastry & Vanilla Bean

Every drop of 'Indie' is sweet and warm, dripping with a yummy, pastry scent. Look at those scent notes! The combination is mouth-watering. I've never smelled anything quite like it. I'm a huge fan of sweet scents and warm scents, so this perfume strikes the absolute perfect balance for me!

WARPAINT BEAUTY Perfume in 'Untouchable'

For the self-empowered, raw and authentic. A flirtatious pairing of juicy fruit and feminine florals with the lingering warmth of creme brulee and amber.
Top notes: Black Currant & Bergamot
Middle notes: Plum Blossom, Peony, & Jasmine Petals
Bottom notes: Creme Brulee Accord, Amber, & Vanilla Bean

'Untouchable' is quite different from 'Indie', though still warm. Though it's top notes are fruity and floral, it's bottom notes are warm, making it, again a unique scent. While 'Indie' is my favorite, 'Untouchable' is an amazing option and would appeal to a more vast audience of people, because it offers a little bit of everything scent-wise. Whoever makes the scent combinations for this company is doing a stunning job at making something beautiful and original.

Though the full size bottles (I have the small bottles, not full size) are usually $20 (which is still an amazing price), they are both on sale for $7.98 a piece on Hot Topic Right now. Click here for 'Indie' and click here for 'Untouchable'.

Have any of you all used WARPAINT products before? 


  1. Thank you so much for the review! I've been on the fence about trying these, and now I think I will. :-D

  2. Hyper is actuallly yet another amazing warpaint beauty perfume to try out.

  3. yes! I love them! i just tried them on a whim myself and fell in love with Hyper-- but then I tried these 2 scents and loved them! however my Hot topic no longer sells them so I am unable to get them any place but online. :S But yes! awesome product!

    1. Hey there, I'm wondering if you would be willing to sell any of your Hypers?

  4. does anyone on here have HYPER? its my daughters thirteenth bday, and i am trying to find it.. please email me..

  5. They don't sell them anymore. :( Please... he;p bring back.


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