Thursday, May 24, 2012

NOTD: Nails of the Day!

I am in love with the pairing of these two polishes! The teal and navy glitter in the Wet'n Wild's Color Icon polish 'Cost Is No Issue' perfectly compliments Orly's metallic, teal polish 'Bailamos'.

A match made in heaven! The consistency of this Orly polish is stellar: not too thick, not too thin, and pretty quick-drying. As always, these Wet 'N Wild (limited edition, from the Ice Baby collection)) glitters dry super quickly, aren't too chunky, and just look phenomenal!

What are some of your favorite nail polish combinations?


  1. That happens to be the only Orly colour I own:) I have a huge Nail Polish collection but that brand is hard to find around me:) Great blog hun.
    Sara xx

    1. Thanks, girl! I only have a couple of the Orly nail polishes, but they all have a great formula!


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